Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Haunted Mausoleum Birdhouse

This week for my Cindi's Simple Solutions project on When Creativity Knocks - I'm sharing this creepy fun project.....

Just in time for Halloween, add a little spooky glow to your mantle this season with this Haunted Mausoleum Birdhouse!  


Plaid® - Wooden birdhouse 
            - FolkArt® Home Decor Chalk Paint - Maui Sand, Rich Black
            - FolkArt® Home Decor Antique Wax
                - Cutting Mat 
                - Ultimate Clay Machine™
                - Professional® Clay tools 
                - Texture Sheet Set D - Woodgrain Sheet 
                        - Easter Clay Cutter - Cross Cutter
Beacon Adhesives® Tacky Glue 
Spellbinders® Grand Calibur™ Machine - Graveyard Scene & Shapes Die 
X-Acto craft knife 
Skull mold (special thanks to my Fairy Craftmother for mine!
Skull bead 
Paper towels 
Spanish Moss
Charcoal grey paper/card stock 
Battery operated votive 
Plastic wrap 


1. Paint entire birdhouse with Plaid® FolkArt® Home Decor Maui Sand Chalk Paint.  Let dry. 

2. Roll black Makin’s Clay® with Ultimate Clay Machine™ to setting #7 (or hand roll very thin - about 1/16”).   Use Woodgrain texture sheet to gently impress texture onto rolled clay.  Using cutting mat as a guide, use cutter to cut 2 x 2cm squares.  Apply Beacon® Tacky Glue to surface of roof, then begin applying squares, overlapping some, to create look of shingles.  Let dry. 

3. Dry brush shingles with Maui Sand chalk paint.  

4. Use black clay in skull push mold to create skull. 

5. Flatten piece of black clay (I used my fingers, as I wanted an uneven appearance) to about 1/4”.  Place plastic wrap over clay, and cut cross using clay cutter. (Tip - Plastic wrap makes it easy to remove the clay from the clay cutter!) 

6.  Dry brush skull and cross with Maui Sand chalk paint.

7.  Use Tacky Glue to mount skull to front top of birdhouse, over opening, and cross to roof peak.

8. Flatten piece of black clay (I used my fingers, as I wanted an uneven appearance) to about 1/4”.  Use clay tool to write/etch desired word into clay.  Trim around word.  Dry brush with Maui Sand chalk paint.  Use Tacky Glue to mount to birdhouse beneath skull. 

9. Mix small amount of Rich Black and small amount of Maui Sand chalk paint to create darker grey.  Paint door onto front of birdhouse over hole on bottom.  Outline door in black, and paint center line to divide door.    

10. Use paper towel to apply small amount of Antique Wax to all surfaces except roof.  Wipe to remove excess.   

11.  Use Spellbinders® Grand Calibur™ and Graveyard Scene & Shapes die to cut 4 graveyards from charcoal paper.

12.  Apply Tacky Glue to top of bottom piece of birdhouse, mount Spanish moss.  

13.  Apply Tacky Glue to outside edge of bottom piece of birdhouse, mount graveyard scenes over edge around base, leaving a space for the “front step” of the mausoleum. 

14.  Add skull bead accent to front step. 

15.  Add spiderwebs as desired. 

16.  Optional:  To make your Haunted Mausoleum glow - use a sturdy craft knife to cut an opening in the bottom of the birdhouse.  The birdhouses are made from lightweight wood so this is possible if do with caution. (or else your mausoleum will come complete with blood stains!) 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Spoooooky Pumpkin Full of Fun and More! DCC Blog Hop time!

I LOVE Halloween!  I love Halloween decorations, costumes, the creepy and silly fun of it all.  No gifts required, no stress, no big meals to prepare and clean up.  Just family fun, not taking life too seriously.    I have created a lot of Halloween projects over the years, most of which you can find here on my blog.  My last 3 blog posts highlight some of them including fabric pumpkins, a witch's apothecary, and a bottle of "boo-s".   This month the Designer Craft Connection Blog Hop theme is Halloween Decorations. I've been out of town taping the latest series of When Creativity Knocks and didn't get my newest project finished in time but I knew exactly what I wanted to share with you all today!  This AMAZING pumpkin panorama is full of fun pieces created with Makin's Clay®!  It was designed by artist Patricia Krauchune.  Patricia is a fabulous polymer clay artist who specializes in Steampunk designs, at least I used to think so, but now that I've seen this, I think she specializes in SPOOKY FUN projects!  :0)     You can find a link to Patricia's original post with this project here on her blog. I encourage you to follow her blog as she is always sharing new projects to inspire you!

Be sure to follow the Designer Craft Connection link in the column to the right to see what other spooky fun decorations our participating designers are sharing with you today!  For an even quicker way to access our participating designers - check out the Designer Craft Connection blog here! 

 Happy Halloween!!!!!

The awesome coffin full of bones below is actually 3-D and has depth - which you can see better in this "in progress" photo - Pat hand made the pieces using a number of techniques including liquifying the clay! 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Vampire Blood/Faux Blood Necklace

My favorite season is here and I can't help myself - I just have to re-share some of my favorite spooky fun projects!  In this episode of my series Behind These Eyes™ on When Creativity Knocks, I share my recipe for creating faux blood using ICE Resin & Rit Dye

And to further add to the creep factor - here's my recipe for the GHOULISH version of faux blood!  

In the Vampire Blood Necklace episode of Behind These Eyes with Cindi Bisson, I share my recipe for faux blood that will last for years. As part of the instructions, I suggest you use a tiny bit of Rit Liquid Dye at a time to color the resin - because if too much dye is used, you get a different result. We didn’t share that result in the episode - but I wanted to show our viewers just what kind of ghoulish results you get with extra dye! It’s a creepy effect too which would work great for some applications - just not for the pendant I was sharing with you. So without further ado…add a teaspoon or more of Rit Liquid Dye (the amount depends on just how crusty you want the finished result to be) to your small amount of mixed ICE Resin and you get what I think looks like clotty, crusty, totally disgusting blood puddles! Which my two boys think are totally cool…Happy Halloween!  

Follow the original instructions and you get smooth, dense puddles of faux blood.

Alter the recipe as above and you get GHOULISH blood!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fabric Pumpkins!

This week When Creativity Knocks is re-sharing one of my Behind These Eyes™ series episodes - I show you how easy it is to create custom fabric pumpkins for autumn decorating!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Witch's Apothecary - Just in Time for Halloween!

I had a blast creating this Witch's Apothecary!  I love Halloween - and this set will be such fun displayed on my mantle!  Find the full instructions on how I used etchall®, Makin's Clay® and DecoArt® products to create this set here on the Makin's Clay® blog.

Want to try etchall® yourself?   Follow this link and use the code CINDIBG at checkout, and you'll receive 10% off your order!

Halloween Candy Corn Bottle of "Boo-s"

This week in my Cindi's Simple Solutions project for WC, and on the Makin's Clay® blog, I'm sharing this fun Halloween project featuring etchall®, DecoArt®, Sizzix® and Makin's Clay®

Want to try etchall® yourself?  Follow this link and enter the code CINDIBG at checkout and receive 10% off your order! 

Halloween is almost here!  The fun act of “Boo-ing” – leaving treats at a neighbors door anonymously – is becoming more and more popular. While normally a surprise for children, why not share some of the Halloween cheer with adults too?  This Candy Corn themed Bottle of “Boo-s” is a fun way to bring a smile to the face of a co-worker, friend, or family member young or old. And, the fact that it’s made with a up-cycled bottle that used to contain real “booze” makes the play on words even more fun…
  • Clean, dry glass bottle
  • etchall® (www.etchall.com)
    • Etching Cream
    •  etchmask®
  • Sizzix® (www.sizzix.com)
    • Big Shot™ Machine
    • Tim Holtz™ Alterations Alphabet
  • DecoArt® (www.decoart.com)
    • Americana® Crystal Gloss Enamels™
      • Yellow
      • Orange
    • Glass Paint Marker™
      • White
  • Loew-Cornell™ (www.loew-cornell.com)
    • Simply Art™ brush set
  • Makin’s Clay® (www.makins-usa.com)
    • White
    • Cutting Mat
    • Clay Roller & Cutter Set
    • Halloween Cutters Set
  • Black permanent marker
  • Raffia
  • Scissors

Use Sizzix Big Shot™ and Alterations Alphabet die to cut BOO-S from etchmask.  Note – place etchmask face down when cutting so letters are not backwards.

Place BOO-S onto bottle.

Apply etchall etching cream  Let set 15 minutes, return cream to bottle and rinse clean.

Remove etchmask letters. Let bottle dry thoroughly.

To mimic candy corn, paint bottom portion of bottle with yellow Crystal Gloss Enamels. Paint middle section with orange Crystal Gloss Enamels. The etched top portion of the bottle will be the “white” section of your candy corn. Apply 2-3 coats until paint has reached the opacity you desire. Let dry.

Use white Glass Paint Marker to outline lettering.  Let dry.  Follow manufacturer instructions to set paint on glass.

Roll white Makin’s Clay thin (about 1/8”).  Use ghost from Halloween cutters set to cut 4 ghosts.  (The ghosts are the perfect size to cover the little embossed glass “lemons” on this repurposed Mike’s® Hard Lemonade bottle!).

Apply small amount of Tacky Glue to back of ghosts and mount to bottle over embossed lemons.

Use black permanent marker to add eyes & mouths to ghosts.

Print verse in desired size (mine is about 2 1/2” across.)

Roll white clay approximately 1/8”.  Fold verse so it will fold out, but fit in the ghost shape you will cut.  Using the folded verse as a guide, use tool to cut out ghost shape from rolled clay.  Make small hole in one arm of ghost.  Let dry.

Use Tacky Glue to mount top edge of folded verse to ghost.

Use black permanent marker to add eyes and mouth to ghost.

Tie raffia round bottle top, and tie ghost with verse to raffia.

Using cutting mat as a guide, roll a ball of white clay about 3cm in diameter.

Roll into a tube shape, flatten the ends, and make one end slightly smaller than the other.

Place into top of bottle, extending out about 1/2” pressing down slightly to create ridge around top. Let dry. This will be an easily removable “stopper” for the bottle of treats.

Fill with candy corn, replace the stopper, and leave the surprise Bottle of “Boo-s” for someone to bring them some Halloween cheer!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fairy Garden House Plant Stake

I had such fun creating this little Fairy House/Garden Gnome House plant stake with Smoothfoam™, Makin's Clay® and DecoArt® products!   Find the full instructions here on the Smoothfoam™ blog