Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow Day Survival Jar

This wintry project, my Snow Day Survival Gift Jar, would be a fun surprise for a child’s teacher, a friend that’s a teacher, or for anyone who needs a fun break from the seemingly endless winter weather these days! Give them the gift of some hot drinks to warm them while they watch a movie and munch on popcorn through a blustery winter day. Substitute your “filling” as needed to make a surprise for someone of any age. When they are finished with the treats inside, they’ve still got a pretty jar to hold other treasures. 


1) Follow manufacturer instructions to cut multiple snowflakes from Etchmask using Artisan X-plorer™ and snowflake dies.   Apply snowflakes to jar.
2) Apply coat of Etchall® etching cream over snowflakes and jar surface.  Let set 15 minutes, return cream to jar.
3) Wash and dry jar. 
4) Apply Diamond Glaze to lower portion of etched jar and add Roxs™ to mimic icy snow at base of jar. 
Snow Day Jar How-To 1
5) Paint jar lid with Chalky Finish paint.  Let dry.  
6) Cut 1” x 18” strip of baby blue Friendlyfelt™.  Cut in fringe at each end about 1/2”. 
7) Open white Makin’s Clay® and make snowflake using push mold.  Place unused clay in zip lock bag with damp paper towel for later use.  Tip – when push molding embellishments, I usually make several extra to keep on hand for future projects. 

8) Apply coat of Diamond Glaze™ to snowflake, add Roxs™ and let dry.
Snow Day Jar How-To 2
9) Create Snow Day graphic image (2” circle) and Emergency Cash graphic.   Print and cut out.
10) Mount round graphic to lid.  Tie scarf around lid.  Mount clay snowflake to edge of lid as shown. Let dry. 
11) Stuff jar with popcorn packet, hot chocolate packet, tea bags, coffee, and $5 bill with emergency cash image. 
Snow Day Jar How-To 3

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Birdhouse Table & Chicken Wire Bird - FaveCrafts® Best Blogger Craft 2015 Challenge!

It was an honor to attend the recent FaveCrafts® Blogger Event at CHA in January!   When my box of swag from some of the event sponsors arrived, it was like Christmas all over again!  I received fabulous products from MD® Hobby & Craft - which are EXACTLY my style - a great assortment from Plaid®, items from Simplicity®, Clover®, and Prima® Bead.  

When I found out about this awesome Best Blogger Craft 2015 challenge to use products from one of the sponsors to create a unique creative project and submit it FaveCrafts - my mind instantly began to turn and churn and I knew I wanted to create something unique, and functional!

I love birds and birdhouses, so this Birdhouse Table & Chicken Wire Bird were a natural choice.    The table could be a functioning birdhouse, but it also works as a great side accent table for a plant, or on a porch next to a comfortable chair to hold a cool beverage, etc.  The little chicken wire bird is a totally unique accent piece to set on the table, or in pot with a pretty plant indoors or outside on a porch. 

I built this birdhouse from scratch and have included measurements - but of course you could buy a large pre-made birdhouse, cut the top off flat and create something similar for an easier option!  

Voting in this challenge/contest begins on February 25th and runs through March 4th.  I encourage you to visit the FaveCrafts site and vote for your favorite project - there are sure to be many amazing creative projects to choose from!!!   Here's the link - http://www.favecrafts.com/contest/Blogger-Contest

Materials: (items in GREEN were included in my swag package from FaveCrafts!)

Plaid® FolkArt® Home Decor Chalk Paint- Seaside Villa 
Plaid® Martha Stewart Crafts™ Multi-Surface Satin Acryilc Paint - Sandcastle 
Plaid® Outdoor Mod Podge®
EKSuccess® Inkadinkado® Stamp Set - Flower Icons 
Wrights® 5/8” Black ric-rac from Simplicity
MD® Hobby & Craft Metal Working Gloves 
MD® Hobby & Craft Brass Rolled Metal 
MD® Hobby & Craft Chicken Wire 
MD® Hobby & Craft Hobby Shears 
KellyCraft™ Get-it-Straight™ Laser Square & Multi-Mat™
Westcott® Titanium Bonded Non-Stick Scissors 
Craft Attitude™ Printable Craft Film 
Staz-On ink pad - Jet Black
Jax® Pewter Black 
Beacon® 527 Adhesive 
Repurposed wood 1/2” thick (I used old fence boards to create this birdhouse). 
Assorted carpentry tools - saw, staple gun, drill, safety glasses, large hammer, rag 
Permanent glue stick


Cut 4 pieces of repurposed wood (approximately 1/2” thick for all wood) 5” x 21”.  Nail
together to create center of birdhouse.  

Cut 2 pieces of repurposed wood 7” x 10”.

Cut 2 pieces of wood 4 1/2” x 5”.  

Cut 2 triangles 8” x 6 1/2” x 5.  Assemble  to create side portions of “roof”.  

Cut piece of wood 11” x 11”. 

Cut piece of brass metal 12” x 12” and 2 pieces 8” x 11”.
Place brass metal pieces on hard surface, hit with large hammer to distress.  

Apply Jax Pewter Black to all brass to add patina to age
distressed metal.   

Fold edges of each piece back 1/2” and use staple gun to mount to two slanted roof pieces. 

Mount 11” x 11” piece to top of birdhouse to create table top.  Fold edges of 12” x 12” metal piece back 1/2” and use staple gun to mount to flat 11” x 11” table top (staples on folded edge). 

Drill 3 evenly spaced 1 1/2” holes in center of birdhouse, and one in each slanted side roof piece. 

Drill 3/8” holes beneath each large hole.

Paint birdhouse with FolkArt® Home Decor Chalk paint.  Let dry. 

Paint 2 1/2” band of Sandcastle paint beneath each hole on
center of birdhouse.  Let dry.   

Ink birds on a branch stamp with permanent black ink.  Place Craft Attitude film onto Multi-Mat  and use Get-it-Straight™ Laser Square to help align separate rows of stamped bird images as shown.  

Cut into strips.  

Use permanent glue stick to mount stamped Craft Attitude to Sandcastle sections.

Cut black ric-rac and mount to top and bottom of each painted strip.  

Cut twigs and use Beacon 527 to mount in 3/8” holes.   

Coat all wood surfaces with outdoor Mod Podge.  

I first saw a chicken wire bird on Pinterest.  When I received the chicken wire from MD® Hobby & Crafts I knew I had to try to create
one myself.  I used several photos for reference, then hand molded/formed the bird. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hard Liquor and a Hammer Oughta Fix That!

Hard Liquor and a Hammer oughta fix that!  Every girl should have her own tool box..... for so many reasons lol!   Created this card with another fun Jimbo Lojik™ verse and Makin's Clay®!  


KellyCraft™ - Jimbo Lojik™ Set E
            - Get-it-Straight™ Laser Square
                    - Multi-Mat™
Makin’s Clay® - White, Tools Push Mold 
DecoArt® - Dazzling Metallics™ Shimmering Silver, Crafter’s Acrylic™ - Raw Umber 
Tool patterned paper, white crackled paint patterned paper
Gray card stock
Clearsnap® ColorBox® Crafter’s Ink - Night 
Foam tape 

Westcott® Titanium Bonded Non-Stick Scissors, Trim-air Trimmer 


Open package of white Makin’s Clay®.   Press clay into tools push mold, remove and let dry.  Store unused clay in zip lock bag with damp paper towel or bay wipe.  When I am push molding pieces, I always make extra with remaining clay so I have a stash to go to for future projects…..

Paint hammer with Dazzling Metallics™ Shimmering Silver and Crafter’s Acrylic Raw Umber.  Let dry. 

Cut gray card stock to desired size and fold in half to form card. 

Cut piece of tool patterned paper and use Get-it-Straight™ Laser Square to align and mount to center of card front.

Ink Hard Liquor and a Hammer verse with black ink and use Get-it-Straight™ Laser Square to align and stamp onto white crackled paint patterned paper.  Trim around verse. 
Ink edges of verse with black ink. 

Cut grey card stock mat about 1/8” larger on all sides than verse.  Use Laser Square to mount to bottom front of card about 1/4” from bottom edge. 

Use Laser Square to align and mount verse centered onto mat.

Cut mat for clay hammer and mount hammer with Tacky Glue.  Use Get-it-Straight™ Laser Square to align and mount on top right front of card as shown.  

Monday, February 9, 2015

ADORNit® Blog Hop - Illuminated Spring Flower Blossoms

I'm excited to be a part of the ADORNit® Blog Hop!  I received an amazing box of product from AdornIt and the hardest part was to first decide WHAT I wanted to work with.  I decided for this first project I would focus on the Blender Basics paper pack.  But, I've also been working on several other projects with some of the fabric and other papers they sent - so stay tuned!

These Illuminated Spring Blossoms are a pretty way to usher in warmer spring days.  Display them near a sunny window for a little springtime cheer, and when the sun goes down and the day starts to darken - turn on the lights in the centers and watch the warm sunny glow illuminated from within the flowers themselves!

Be sure to follow through and see what the other participating designers are sharing.   The next person's blog to visit on your journey is Jennifer Priest.  ADORNit® is also offering a great prize package to a lucky winner who visits all the projects on this hop!  Your Give-Away Clue for this post is: "Y".


ADORNit® Blender Basics Paper Pack
FloraCraft® Design It:® SimpleStyle® LED Lighted Branch
Sizzix® Big Shot™, Eileen Hull Bigz™ Flower 3-D Wrapped, Flourish & Leaf
Makin's Clay® - 120g White, Floral Push Mold
DecoArt® Americana® Decor™ Chalky Finish Paint - New Life
Clearsnap® ColorBox® Crafter's Ink Pad - Sweet Pea, Jungle
Earth Safe Finishes™ Ann Butler Designs™ Iridescents - Sunshine
Offray® Ribbon - 7/8" Glitter Pink
Westcott® Titanium-Bonded Non-Stick Scissors
Beacon® Tacky Glue
Vintage Blue Mason Jar
Paintbrush, craft sponge


Paint LED lighted branch with green Chalky Finish paint.  Let dry.

Use Big Shot™ Machine and Flower 3-D Wrapped die to cut multiple From pink patterned papers in ADORNit® Blender Basics pack.  Number of flowers cut will depend on number of finished flowers. For the 7 flowers I made, I cut 10 large size, and 11 small.

Use Big Shot™ Machine and Flourish & Leaf die to cut multiple leaves from assorted green patterned papers in ADORNit® Blender Basics pack.

Sponge edges of pink flowers with Sweet Pea ink, edges of leaves with Jungle ink.

Assemble flowers per instructions on die - for five I used 2 large flowers and one small for the centers; for two of the flowers I layered 3 of the small.

Mount flowers, using Tacky Glue, to the end of each branch with the light in the center of the flower.

Mount leaves randomly to each branch and to the stem.

Open 120g white Makin's Clay® and cut about 1/4" of package.  Place remaining clay in zip lock bag with damp paper towel for later use.  Use floral push mold to create 7 flowers for centers of paper flowers.  Carefully push end of paint brush through the center of each clay flower while wet to create hole for the light.

Paint flowers with Sunshine Iridescents paint.  Let dry.

Carefully insert each clay flower over the light, use Tacky Glue to hold in center of flowers.

Add batteries per instructions and insert floral branch into blue mason jar, add white tissue paper to cover the wire and battery pack.

Tie glitter pink ribbon around rim of jar and tie bow.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Smoothfoam™ Jumbo Conversation Hearts!

Everyone loves those little candy conversation hearts you can find everywhere around Valentine's Day (although the messages sure are different these days then when I was young lol!).  Learn how to make my jumbo version featuring DecoArt® Americana® Chalky Finish paint and Craft Attitude™ to decorate your home for Valentine's Day on the Smoothfoam™ blog here.

Offray® Ribbon Blog Hop - Polka Dots & Sparkle Little Girl's Apron

The Designer Craft Connection group is participating in a blog hop featuring projects made with Offray® Ribbons.  We each received as shipment of pretty ribbons to create our designs with.  I used the pretty pinks they sent for the hop, along with some other fun polka dot Offray® ribbons I had from a prior project, added some pretty fabric from ADORNit® and just a bit of BLING with Connie Crystal crystal sheets to create this "Polka Dots & Sparkle Little Girl's Apron"!   And of course, for those of you who follow my creative projects, you know I very seldom actually sew - I use Beacon®'s Fabri-Tac™ Adhesive to hold it all together!

Be sure to click through the DCC link on the right to see what the other participating designers are sharing with their Offray® projects!

And - Sign up for Offray.com email newsletters to receive information about new products, project ideas, and special savings. Plus, receive 15% Off your first order at Offray.com when you sign up for email!


Offray® Ribbons - Gross grain - assorted polka dots, solid pale pink sparkle
ADORNit® Basics Fabric - Tiny Check - blue 
Connie Crystal White Crystal Sheets
Beacon® Fabri-Tac™ Adhesive
Westcott Brand® Titanium Bonded Non-Stick Scissors


Cut fabric to 18 1/2" x 22".   Fold in left and right edges approximately 1/2", fold over top edge approximately 2", iron to make crease.

Cut bottom edge with pinking shears, or create small folded seam and glue in place.

Use Fabri-Tac to glue down folded left and right seams.

Place Fabri-Tac on outer edge and glue down top edge to create pocket for ribbon to tie apron.

Cut several pieces of assorted ribbons approximately 4".  Fold in half, use Fabri-Tac to glue ends together to form loops.   Glue loops along bottom edge of apron extending approximately 1/4" beyond bottom of apron.

Glue light pink sparkle ribbon along top edge of ribbon loops.

Cut piece of white crystal sheet about 1/2" wide (3 rows) x width of apron.  Glue in center of pink sparkle ribbon over ribbon loops.

Create pocket by cutting piece of fabric 5" x 6".  Fold all edges over to make 1/2" seams and iron seams.   Use Fabri-Tac to glue strips of ribbon over front of pocket, wrapping top edge over and glueing to inside of top of pocket.   Glue pocket in place on apron.

Cut strips of 1/2" (3 rows) of white crystal sheets to create monogram letter and glue in place.

String pink sparkle ribbon through pocket at top of apron to create ribbons to tie in place. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015