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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Makin's Clay Course - My Creative Classroom

The webisode of When Creativity Knocks with Ana & Megan Araujo where I show them how to create a change purse using Makin's Clay will air soon! Makin's Clay is a truly versatile artists medium - if you'd like to learn more about working with this product, my first session of Adding Creativity to your Artwork with Makin's Clay - The No-Bake Polymer Clay at MyCreativeClassroom.com is underway! I think everyone is learning a lot and enjoying the class so far. It's a 2 week course, with 4 different lessons. A new session begins on March 1st. Follow this link for a full listing of all the fabulous courses being offered at My Creative Classroom! http://www.mycreativeclassroom.com/course/index.php

Here's the information about my first Makin's course -
Are you looking for unique, creative embellishments and lettering for your artwork? Is the high cost of pre-made embellishments frustrating your creative muse? Do you like your artwork to be unique, rather than just using what everyone else uses? Would you like to experiment with new products, techniques, and ideas? Are you open to adding lightweight, flexible texture, dimension, depth and fun to your artwork? If you answered yes to any of these, then come with me on a creative journey with Makin’s Clay – The No Bake Polymer Clay! You will learn how to easily create unique, custom embellishments and lettering for your artwork using a variety of different tools and colorants with Makin’s Clay. Whether you are a card maker, scrapbooker, altered artist, or all of the above, this course will show you some unique ways to use air dry clay with a variety of mixed media to add affordable pizzazz to your projects!

In Part #1 – The Basic’s of Makin’s Clay – we’ll learn about:
· the unique properties of Makin’s air dry clay
· working with the clay with a variety of tools

In Part #2 - The Colorful World of Makin’s Clay – we’ll learn about:
· how to alter the variety of existing colors of clay through blending
· how to use additives with wet clay
· assorted other colorant options

In Part #3 – Textures and Shapes: So Many Options with Makin’s Clay – we’ll learn about:
· some of the many ways to add unique textures to Makins’ Clay
· how to cut the clay with an assortment of cutting tools

In Part #4 – Creating Dimensional Shapes with Makin’s Clay – Learn how to:
· use push molds, both pre-made and custom made, with Makin’s Clay
· use other items to shape your clay into unique embellishments.

Students who complete this course will have a full understanding of the many ways to use Makin’s Clay – The No Bake Polymer Clay in their artwork. We'll discuss uses in scrapbooking, cardmaking, altered art, home decor, jewelry and more. Students will create a variety of embellishments using many different techniques. This is a 2 week course.

Take a look at the variety of classes being offered at MCC - there is something for everyone there!


BeckyChabot said...

Cindi, YOU ROCK! Makin's Clay is an awesome medium, no hassles, works with many mediums. go girl!

KylieCanScrap said...

Hi Cindi, I have tagged you over on my blog http://kyliecanscrap.blogspot.com/
an aussie friend of mine tagged me and I have to tag 7 other people... so... "your it!"
Hugs Kylie.