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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Melting Pot Madness

I belong to Suze Weinberg's Yahoo Group and everyone has been chatting lately about using their melting pots - so I just had to get mine out and play! The result was a state of melting pot madness - I couldn't stop! I like to make original jewelry to wear at CHA - these are two of the sets I created for the Winter show in Anaheim. If you aren't familiar with UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel) it's a great product for all kinds of melt art - it can be used in the melting pot, or with an embossing heat tool for some uses. Suze's website, newsletter and blog are full of fantastic ideas on using UTEE in your artwork. - http://www.schmoozewithsuze.com
The purple & turqouise set is a 'technique' I call "twisted blown blob beads" - very technical term, I know...... the pendent and earrings have UTEE also - behind glass facings with mirrored edges.
The dragonfly set was made with Ranger Mold & Pour - I made the dragonfly mold and the bead molds (thanks to Becky Chabot for tips on how to make bead molds!). Bronze UTEE and Verdigris embossing powder were used.
Now I'm off to melt into madness again.....


Margie H said...

Oh, I LOVE jewelry!! What a great thing to do...create jewelry to wear for CHA! How come I didn't notice before? Sorry! Hmm..I know I have my melting pot somewhere...LOL!!!

Suze said...

thanks a ba-zillion for the plug and the support....we love people like you ! XXXOOO