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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Holiday Tablescape

This year the school I work at decided to have the staff holiday party at the school, and hold a table decorating contest. Each grade level or group was allowed to decorate their table however they liked. An outside panel of judges was brought in to decide the winners and prizes were awarded. First Grade decided on a "White Christmas" theme - we all brought in our assorted china, silver pieces, crystal candlesticks, etc. I gathered a variety of other frosty elements, made place settings using snowflake ornaments with printed acetate names. We even had an instrumental version of "White Christmas" playing from a computer hidden beneath the table. The result was simply breathtaking! I'm happy to report that first grade tied for 1st Place!

I was also "drafted" as an honorary member of the Custodial Staff..... they had a bucket of supplies they planned to use as their centerpiece. But I had a vision..... The Snowman Clean-up Crew! I embellished every item in their bucket with balls, bows, snowflakes, and even stamped the toilet paper with snowflakes. My silly centerpiece took 3rd place!

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