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Saturday, February 20, 2010

More from CHA!

I've got lots more to share from CHA Anaheim!  I'm a long time fan of The Robin's Nest.  They have great quality papers with glittered and embossed accents, and I love their "Dew Drops" embellishments - Now they have even more options in Dew Drops! More colors, more package sizes, and DIAMOND shaped Dew Drops!  Wahoo!  http://www.robinsnest-scrap.com/

May Arts Ribbon  is also a favorite of mine - and I thought these funky "terry cloth" square ribbons were really fun!  http://www.mayarts.com/

Halcraft had an interesting assortment of product on display - including these appliques which fit right in with that trend I mentioned in my earlier post about CHA! http://www.halcraft.com/

One of my favorite finds was the Animal Spirit Stamps by Earth Art International!  The artwork is amazing, and the detail on these stamps is absolutely breathaking!  http://www.earthartinternational.com/
Global Solutions (http://www.globalsolutionsonline.com/)  had a booth full of tempting pewter & silver charms and embellishments - and I loved their use of muffin tins to display them! 
Stay tuned..... later today I'll be posting more great things from CHA that caught my eye!

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