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Saturday, February 19, 2011

CHA Designer Showcase

In this week's episode of When Creativity Knocks, Ana Araujo talks with some of the amazing designers who participated in the Designer Showcase event at CHA.  This event gives designers the opportunity to share their work with manufacturers and press and was well attended - even though as those of us who participated can tell you - it was about a mile walk between the showroom floor and this room :0). 

I was honored to be one of the designers interviewed and share my "House that Cindi Built" with our viewers!  I wanted something eye catching - something different - to catch the attendees eye and hopefully cause them to pause and look through my portfolio.  I created this huge house out of about 98% repurposed materials. The roof opened to reveal a lighted attic that held boxes highlighting some of my skills. The inside was carpeted with felt, and wallpapered with scrapbook papers. Cardboard, book pages and covers (books purchased at a local Goodwill store), a dog food bag, plastic grocery bags, newspaper, plastic 2 liter soda bottles, bamboo skewers, placemats..... it took many hours to create this house, which collapses almost flat for shipping (which is another story I would rather forget).

View the episode here featuring Jen Goode, Theresa Cifali, Laura Bray, Einet Kessler, Svetlana Kunina, and Cindi Bisson: http://tinyurl.com/6kykskp

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