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Friday, May 27, 2011

California - Beaches, Creatures & Artichokes!

There are so many interesting sites to see in California.  Each time I travel to this diverse state with the WCK team I am fortunate enough to be spoiled with a tour of something fun and unique.  This time the beach was Monterey - 17 Mile Road offered so many gorgoeus scenic views my head was spinning.  Ana and I stopped at each one - and my favorite had to be this little cove where we watched a mother seal teaching her pups how to fish and play.  It was such an amazing sight - everyone should have a chance to see something this special in their life!  We also saw sea lions, pelicans and an assortment of other sea birds, and these adorable little squirrel-like critters which I have yet to positively identify. My eye always seems to be drawn to the unique flora in the state of California and I am always asking Ana and Scott to identify some plant or tree I see.  I photograph as many as I can too!  In addition to the beautiful vistas, we enjoyed many tastes of California!
I saw my very first artichoke fields, and yes, was enough of a tourist to take photos.  We stopped at this little roadside stand and Ana and I ate fried artichoke hearts - YUMMY!  We brought some fresh artichokes home too and later Ana gave me a lesson on the best way to enjoy this treat!  We also enjoyed pizza right on the beach from Pizza My Heart - complete with a commemorative t-shirt!    Last thing that evening, we stopped at a great frozen yogurt place and I enjoyed Key Lime and Cheesecake frozen yogurts topped with fresh pineapple and sliced almonds.  Mmmmmmmm good.   Laughter with a friend, beautiful places, and tasty treats - the makings of an amazing afternoon exploring a new part of California!  For a peak at lots more photos from my recent California adventure - check my Facebook page. 

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Margie H said...

Sounds like a fabulous time! Love the idea of eating artichokes on the side of the road - LOL!!!