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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The End of June?

How can it almost be the END of June?  These last few weeks have flown by.  The end of school brought more time at the lake.  Warm weather brought flowers to care for and lawns to be mowed.  A renewed dedication to better health brought frequent trips to the local gym and more walks with a friend.  The loss of another good friend's daughter to an auto accident brought tears, sorrow, and a complete inability to focus for over a week...the color orange will now forever mean Camille in my world.  I am now attempting to get it together as I have realized that CHA Summer is less than a month away!    I've been working hard on my Crafty Couture gown for display at CHA, and pulling together my Designer Showcase display.  Also have been working with the WCK team to prepare for our trip to CHA and all that we will be undertaking while in Chicago.  Did you know WCK is now offering Tag codes for DESIGNERS AND MANUFACTURERS to put on their promotional material?   Email me for the full scoop on this affordable way to promote YOUR business!   

A few weeks ago I promised a peak at Maker Faire San Mateo - Here's a link to my Simple Solutions article highlighting some things that caught my eye:  http://www.whencreativityknocks.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=296&Itemid=265

Ana and I also had fun with Blumenthal Lansing's yummy new Sweet Treats button, Green Toys, and Elmer's Glue Dots in this new episode!

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