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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Peppermint Straw Wreath Ornaments

Inspired by the full size version on the front of Woman's Day magazine - introducing mini Peppermint Straw Wreath ornaments - 

This was truly a SIMPLE project - the most difficult part is cutting the hard plastic straws - and that was made super simple and quick using Midwest Products Easy Cutter tool.   If you use regular striped drinking straws, regular scissors would work just fine.  

Three $1 bags of 12 peppermint striped hard plastic straws from the local dollar discount store were enough to create 7 of these ornaments.   

To make the ornaments, punch or cut a 3” circle from a fun holiday paper.  The paper will show on the back of your ornament so using something festive adds to the fun.   Cut the center from each circle to create a ring approximately 1/2” in width.

Cut several straws into 1" pieces.     Apply Beacon™ Tacky Glue to paper ring, and begin placing pieces of straw around circle as shown.  

Cut several straws into 1/2"  pieces.   Mount smaller pieces of straw over longer pieces on each mini wreath.  

Tie on a length of red & white twine from The Twinery and you’re ready to add your ornament to your plate of festive cookies.   Make a fun coordinated holiday card or tag to share even more cheer. 

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