1 Cindi Bisson McGee - Behind These Eyes : May 2011

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Best Dad in the Neighborhood - Dyed Craft Foam!

Did you know you can custom dye craft foam?  It works!  My latest project for RIT Dye is posted at their site! See the instruction on how to custom dye foam and how to create this dyed plaid background paper at the RIT website:   http://www.ritdye.com/blogs/posts/show-dad-hes-best-dad-neighborhood

Friday, May 27, 2011

California - Beaches, Creatures & Artichokes!

There are so many interesting sites to see in California.  Each time I travel to this diverse state with the WCK team I am fortunate enough to be spoiled with a tour of something fun and unique.  This time the beach was Monterey - 17 Mile Road offered so many gorgoeus scenic views my head was spinning.  Ana and I stopped at each one - and my favorite had to be this little cove where we watched a mother seal teaching her pups how to fish and play.  It was such an amazing sight - everyone should have a chance to see something this special in their life!  We also saw sea lions, pelicans and an assortment of other sea birds, and these adorable little squirrel-like critters which I have yet to positively identify. My eye always seems to be drawn to the unique flora in the state of California and I am always asking Ana and Scott to identify some plant or tree I see.  I photograph as many as I can too!  In addition to the beautiful vistas, we enjoyed many tastes of California!
I saw my very first artichoke fields, and yes, was enough of a tourist to take photos.  We stopped at this little roadside stand and Ana and I ate fried artichoke hearts - YUMMY!  We brought some fresh artichokes home too and later Ana gave me a lesson on the best way to enjoy this treat!  We also enjoyed pizza right on the beach from Pizza My Heart - complete with a commemorative t-shirt!    Last thing that evening, we stopped at a great frozen yogurt place and I enjoyed Key Lime and Cheesecake frozen yogurts topped with fresh pineapple and sliced almonds.  Mmmmmmmm good.   Laughter with a friend, beautiful places, and tasty treats - the makings of an amazing afternoon exploring a new part of California!  For a peak at lots more photos from my recent California adventure - check my Facebook page.