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Friday, March 9, 2012

Coupon Holder – Outback Style

Today's post is another of my favorite projects for March is National Craft Month!  This first appeared as a Cindi's Simple Solutions project for When Creativity Knocks. This custom made coupon holder was created with a bit of Australian style in mind.    When visiting San Francisco with Ana Araujo, we visited Britex Fabrics – It was a world of inspiration and I was overwhelmed at all the fabric choices.  I just couldn’t resist purchasing some of their faux alligator material – it has a fabulous alligator texture and a beautiful, subtle gold luster over the green.    I have a few more projects in mind for this fabric, but this is the first creation!  As with many of my projects, it also has a touch of “repurposing.”  An old fabric napkin is used as the lining.   I am lucky enough to have a few Echidna quills I received from a fellow designer who lives in Australia as part of a circle journal project several years ago.  I’ve used one as a finishing touch on the front of this “Outback Style” coupon holder. 
  • Faux alligator fabric – Britex Fabrics 
  • Decorative ribbon trim – Britex Fabrics 
  • Fabric napkin in coordinating color
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors 
  • Small button with shank (Blumenthal Lansing)
  • Australian Echidna Quill 
    • Measure and cut faux alligator fabric to  11 1/2” x 7 1/2”.
    • Place alligator rectangle onto fabric napkin, with top edge on stitched edge of napkin.  Trace and cut napkin.
    • Place napkin rectangle onto back side of faux alligator and machine stitch approximately ¼” from all edges around all sides.
    • Measure and cut two pieces of decorative ribbon trim, approximately 7” long – one to fit along bottom edge of flap and one to fit along top inside edge of pocket.  
    • Determine placement of quill or other decorative embellishment.  Cut two small holes approximately ¼” apart, measure over approximately 1 ½” and cut 2 small holes approximately ¼” apart. 
    • Place ribbon with holes onto top bottom edge of flap, stitch to first set of holes on left.  Stitch from right edge to 2nd set of holes (leave space between holes unstitched). 
    • Stitch 2nd piece of trim along bottom edge of leather.  
    • Fold bottom edge up 3“ and stitch sides to close.  
    • Use scissors to randomly cut along edges of faux leather to create a ragged edge.  
    • Cut strip of faux alligator 6 ½” x ¾”.  Use scissors to randomly cut along edges of strip. 
    • Place one edge on back of pouch approximately 1”from top edge and hand stitch in place using overlapping X stitch. 
    • Bring strip over flap and push beneath ribbon strip on edge. 
    • Bring strip down and over bottom edge up to back of pouch.  Mark place where strip ends for button placement. 
    • Hand stitch button in place.
    • Carefully cut slit in faux alligator strip for button to pass through to hold pouch shut.
    • Pass quill through first hole, then out through 2nd hold, across front and repeat on right side. 
    • Add coupons!   To keep organized, create custom tabs for your coupon categories using index cards or card stock.  Jazz them up a bit with patterned paper to coordinate with your coupon holder fabric.  

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Carmen said...

I love this!!! And using a napkin is genius! I have lots of mismatched napkins and odd bits of fabric so this would be such a perfect way to use them up!