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Monday, October 8, 2012

Art & Architecture

Last weekend I spent a few days at the ARTOLOGY AENJ 2012 conference in New Brunswick, NJ.   This conference was like a candy store to anyone interested in art education.   I was demonstrating the wide range of applications of Makin’s Clay® in the NASCO booth and Tom Volz was demonstrating with some of the Makin’s Brand® tools in the Triarco booth.   It was a well attended event and I’m pleased to say those who stopped by the NASCO booth were truly fascinated by what Makin’s Clay® could do!    

When in NY beforewe headed to NJ on Sunday, I snapped this picture of the outside walls of the building across the street from the hotel.  I thought the architecture overall, and the details were really interesting.

Perhaps it was being immersed in so many "artilicious" products that kicked my artistic eye into high gear - but I seemed to be spotting unique and creative vignettes around every corner. 

The Hyatt Regency had an interesting beach stone sculpture in the entrance, as well as unique arrangements in large pots inside the door. 

One of my favorite finds of the entire weekend were these stunning hand blown glass pumpkins created by students at one of the art colleges which were exhibiting at the event.  I knew they’d be gorgeous on my mom’s fireplace mantle.

Look around your world and you might find some unexpected artistic inspiration too! - Cindi

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