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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Art Bra for Charity Wings

Another of those insane things I did for a good cause!   Charity Wings had a Mob Flash this year at the start of CHA to benefit the Be Aware foundation for breast cancer.   We were challenged to decorate a unique art bra, wear it to the Mob Flash (while dancing in a very uncoordinated manner to a choreographed tune), and then we wore them to an auction hosted by Westcott to raise money for the Be Aware foundation.   Angela Daniels sold hers super quick - those little toy soldiers battling cancer were a big hit!  Ann Butler modeled a Westcott creation, and mine had Expo International golden fringe, a floral Blumenthal Lansing button, and hand painted Jacquard Lumiere flowers with beaded accents and glitter. 
I'll share the link to the video of our dancing bra extravaganza as soon as it's posted!  - Cindi

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