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Monday, February 4, 2013

"Heart on Your Sleeve" Cuff Bracelet

Good bye January and hello February!  Another month closer to SPRING!  It's time for the monthly Designer Craft Blog Connection hop!  This month our theme is "Love".  Be sure to follow the link in the column on the right to see what other "lovely" projects the designers are sharing this month! Also, in celebration of March being National Craft Month, Julie McGuffee is going a giveaway of a selection of Fabscraps products featured on her show Scrapbook Soup!  And next Monday, be sure to pop in and see what the participating designers are sharing as part of the manufacturer challenge this month sponsored by Buttons Galore & More.  - Cindi


Industrial Chic™ by Susan Lenart Kazmer™ changeable cuff bracelet
ICE Resin®, Jewelers Grade Molding Putty, Opaque Silk Ribbon
Earth Safe Finishes™ Gold Shimmer Opaque
ScraPerfect Best Glue Ever
Jacquard Pearl Ex Powdered Pigment - Micropearl
Filigree heart charm
Jewelry Pliers


ICE Resin’s® molding putty should come with a warning - it’s addictive!  One of my many molds was made by mixing two equal parts of the putty components and inserting a heart filigree charm.

Mix ICE Resin® according to manufacturer instructions.  Add Micropearl Pearl Ex Powdered
The result is a pearlized finish in your molded piece (this is the back)
Pigment in small amounts until desired opacity is achieved.  Pour into mold Let cure.

Use finger tip to apply gold Earth Safe Finishes™ Shimmer Opaque to the raised filigree areas on the molded heart.

Unscrew and remove elements from top of changeable cuff bracelet.  Set aside for another project.

Use jewelry pliers to cut screw back to approximately 1/8” from bracelet.

Cut length of wide red opaque silk ribbon to fit cuff.

Apply Best Glue Ever to center of bracelet, horizontally across entire surface.  Let dry until clear, yet still tacky. 

Mount ribbon, pushing screw through center.

Apply Best Glue Ever to center of bracelet around screw.  Let dry until clear, but still tacky.

Press molded heart onto center of bracelet, using light force to push screw into back of resin, and adhering to glue.


Margie H said...

Fabulous tutorial and project, Cindi!!! LOVED how you ROCKed ScraPerfect's BGE - LOVE that stuff!!!

Happy Monday to ya! xo

Amy R said...

Oooooh. How pretty:)

Dawn LL said...

This is so pretty sweetie...love it!

Robyn L. Coburn said...

Pretty and timely. Love how Best Glue Ever doesn't bleed through fabric when it has dried to tacky.