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Monday, March 4, 2013

A Favorite Technique - Floating Chalk Backgrounds

March is National Craft Month!!!  The Designer Craft Connection blog group  is celebrating by bringing you some of our favorite techniques this month.   I'm sharing what certainly isn't a new technique to many stampers, but it's one of my favorites and one I fall back to time and time again when I want pretty and unique background papers for my paper crafting projects.  Be sure to follow the DCC link in the column on the right to see what the other participating designers have shared this month!   

I think all colors are beautiful – my preferences change as often as my moods these days.  Sometimes I crave cobalt blue, rich browns and deep mossy greens.  Sometimes vibrant red, black & white.  This time of year as spring approaches I find myself reaching for sunshine yellow tones.  Every so often, pastels call out to me.  However; whether it’s my toenail polish, or my artwork, I always seem to gravitate back to shades of blue-greens:  teal, aquamarine, turquoise, sea glass blues & greens.  The colors of the Caribbean sea always brighten my day.  

Colorful floating chalk backgrounds are very easy to create!  While you may start with the same colors, no two pieces of this unique paper will ever be identical.  The way the colors blend and swirl is just beautiful.


Decorator chalks
Craft blade
Shallow baking dish
White cardstock cut to fit in baking dish


Place approximately ½” of water into the baking dish.  Set aside.
Choose 2-3 shades of complementary colored chalks.  Use craft knife blade to gently scrape first color of chalk onto the top of the water.  Be careful not to “chunk” it – as the larger pieces will simply sink.  You want a fine powder of chalk floating on the surface of the water.

Repeat with 2nd and 3rd colors.

Place cardstock face down onto water and press gently.  Do not push onto the bottom of the baking dish.  Just let the cardstock float on the surface.  Wait about 5 seconds - it will begin to curl back from the water.  Gently lift out of the water and set aside to dry.  

To speed up drying time, use a heat tool.  If cardstock is curled, iron on low setting to flatten.
No fixative is needed.

Repeat steps 2-3 to create additional pieces of background paper.

Add a bit of Pearl-Ex powders or use shimmering chalks for a sparkling effect.  Try interference shades of Pearl-Ex powders on dark cardstock for a “galaxy” background.  Layer with coordinating cardstocks, stamp directly over the background, let your creative muse guide you!


Michelle Frae Cummings said...

Love this! I'm going to try it with my son, thanks for idea!

Wabbit said...

What a very cool technique! Thanks for sharing!

Dawn LL said...

I have never tried this with chalk or pearl ex -brilliant! lol
Love the great colors you chose.
Thanks for sharing sweetie

Eileen Hull said...

This is a cool technique Cindi! It's true all of the colors are so pretty, it's hard to pick a favorite... I have PearlEx and have not done much with it but now have to try.

Brenda Frame said...

How neat is this! I'll have to try this! Hugs 2peasinapod-thepeapod.blogspot.com

Terry said...

What a fun technique. I'm going to try it with my crafty kids group.

Barb said...

I didn't know that this could be done with Chalk! Thanks.

Jackie Plank said...

Okay I don't have chalks so I am going to give this a try with Gelatos.. what a neat trick.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I've got a box full of chalks and now you've inspired me to go play!