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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pin and DO! Garden Projects from Pinterest!

This spring I vowed to actually DO some of the many projects I've been pinning on Pinterest and dreaming about for months.   And I'm happy to say our garden & yard is absolutely beautiful because of it - I challenge everyone to actually put down the computer and DO some of those awesome things you've been pinning!

We built a fence around our air handler unit with reclaimed wood, made an old barbed wire wreath, continue collecting eclectic things for our flea-market garden, aged new galvanized tin buckets to make planters that look like vintage tin, and I love these vintage tin fertilizer hopper and fruit/corn baskets I used as planters.

The whisky barrel side table is another Pinterest idea.

AND, we built a chicken coop and I painted this custom sign for it!

Four chickens so far…… and more coming soon!


Anita Scroggins said...

Love your chicken coop! I am hoping to have mine done this fall- it has been on the list a couple of years now! 829

Cindi Bisson said...

Thanks Anita Scroggins! We were glad to get it finished too - and the chickens seem to be enjoying it lol!