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Monday, December 1, 2014

Decoupaged Ornaments Cluster Swag

The theme for this month's Designer Craft Connection blog hop is "last minute" holiday decorations.  This simple cluster swag is easy to make with just a few materials.  You can use patterned paper, fabric, or decorative holiday napkins like these I found in the $1
bin at the local craft chain store!   

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Three 4" Smoothfoam™ balls
FloraCraft SimpleStyle™ Burlap Garland
Beacon Adhesives® Fast Finish Decoupage 
Aleene's® Fast Grab Tacky Glue 
Foam brush


1) Tear decorative napkins into assorted pieces about 2".   Pour Fast Finish Decoupage in bowl and use foam brush to apply to each Smoothfoam™ ball, then apply napkin pieces to ball, leaving hole in ball open, overlapping to cover the balls.  Coat surface each covered ball with Fast Finish Decoupage to seal.  Let dry. 

2) Cut 3 strands of jute 16", 3 strands 13" and 3 strands 10".  
Squeeze Fast Grab Tacky Glue into hole in ball, twist ends of each group of jute strands, insert into hole (use tip of scissor if needed to push strands into hole).  Let dry. 

3) Make large bow from burlap garland.   Insert piece of wire through back of bow loop and twist to create hanger loop.  Tie ends of jute together and tie to wire loop on back of bow.   

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Lorine Mason said...

Thanks for the detailed tutorial. You always make it look so easy.