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Monday, March 2, 2015

Glittered Easter Egg Wreath - DCC Blog Hop

It's the first Monday in March, which means it's time for the Designer Craft Connection blog hop!   This month we were challenged to create a project inspired by something we had seen in a retail store or online, etc.   My Glittered Easter Egg Wreath was inspired by the wreath below I saw at Pier I.   Mine is much simpler, by design, but still combines the elements of a grapevine wreath, spring flowers, and shimmering glittered Easter eggs.  I prefer chunky glitter, and JudiKins Roxs™ are my favorite.

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Grapevine wreath
3 Smoothfoam™ eggs
JudiKins - Diamond Glaze™
               - Roxs™ - pink, green, light blue
               - Snappy Tray™
AdTech Hot Glue Gun
Artificial spring flowers
Wire cutters


Coat each Smoothfoam™ egg with Diamond Glaze™ - while still wet, cover one egg with each color of Roxs™.  Let dry.  Optional - you can paint your eggs first if desired - Smoothfoam's smooth texture is perfect for painting - I wanted the white to show through a bit on my egg to highlight the chunky aspect of the glitter clearly so I left mine white.

Determine desired arrangement of flowers, trim stems and hot glue in place on grapevine wreath.

Hot glue glittered eggs over flowers on wreath.

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