1 Cindi Bisson McGee - Behind These Eyes : MY HSN - SOLD OUT! EXPERIENCE

Sunday, March 29, 2015


What a truly amazing experience!  I would like to thank KellyCraft™ for allowing me to represent the company at HSN last Tuesday at HSN as part of the 24 Hour Craft Event!   It was fun, exhausting, informative, interesting, and amazing.  I also got to see and spend time with some familiar craft industry faces amongst my fellow guests - Pattie Wilkinson, Julie Fei-Fen Balzer, Lisa Bearnson, and Andrew Hiller. And drumroll please... I am thrilled to announce that we doubled our projected sales at the 3:20 AM airing, and then SOLD OUT following our 5:50 PM airing.  Feedback from HSN Sales Managers was that they couldn't believe I hadn't done TV sales before and I did a great job.   I guess I did okay for my first time despite the jitters!  Woooohooo!!!    Here's a few pictures of the "behind the scenes" experience!

Table ready - now on to hair and make-up! 
It's 3:15 AM - we go live in 5!  
5:50 PM - 2nd spot is live in action!

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