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Monday, October 5, 2015

Spoooooky Pumpkin Full of Fun and More! DCC Blog Hop time!

I LOVE Halloween!  I love Halloween decorations, costumes, the creepy and silly fun of it all.  No gifts required, no stress, no big meals to prepare and clean up.  Just family fun, not taking life too seriously.    I have created a lot of Halloween projects over the years, most of which you can find here on my blog.  My last 3 blog posts highlight some of them including fabric pumpkins, a witch's apothecary, and a bottle of "boo-s".   This month the Designer Craft Connection Blog Hop theme is Halloween Decorations. I've been out of town taping the latest series of When Creativity Knocks and didn't get my newest project finished in time but I knew exactly what I wanted to share with you all today!  This AMAZING pumpkin panorama is full of fun pieces created with Makin's Clay®!  It was designed by artist Patricia Krauchune.  Patricia is a fabulous polymer clay artist who specializes in Steampunk designs, at least I used to think so, but now that I've seen this, I think she specializes in SPOOKY FUN projects!  :0)     You can find a link to Patricia's original post with this project here on her blog. I encourage you to follow her blog as she is always sharing new projects to inspire you!

Be sure to follow the Designer Craft Connection link in the column to the right to see what other spooky fun decorations our participating designers are sharing with you today!  For an even quicker way to access our participating designers - check out the Designer Craft Connection blog here! 

 Happy Halloween!!!!!

The awesome coffin full of bones below is actually 3-D and has depth - which you can see better in this "in progress" photo - Pat hand made the pieces using a number of techniques including liquifying the clay! 

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