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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

CHA and When Creativity Knocks - Here I Come!

I am VERY excited that I leave for CHA on Friday! I will be demonstrating at the Makin's Clay booth daily, and spending some time at the Creative Charms booth and Terra Bella Finishes booths also. My most exciting announcement is that Ana & Megan Araujo's new web TV show - When Creativity Knocks - will be filming episodes at CHA - and they will be filming an episode with Makin's Clay featuring ME as the designer! :0) I feel like a movie star! I am also just thrilled that Carol Duvall is attending CHA - one of my lifelong dreams has been to meet Carol! She, and her assortment of talented guests, were truly an inspiration for me as an artist. I miss her show on HGTV.

My Designer Fashion Display - "Cat Crazy" should be fantastic - my friend and fellow designer Becky Chabot and I have been working hard on creating unique wearable art. My artwork will also be on display at the Makin's Clay booth, at the Expo International booth, Terra Bella Finishes booth, and extensively at the Creative Charms booth. This is all very exciting for me as a designer. I truly enjoy being able to share my art with others - especially at such a huge world-wide event!

I am bringing my digital camera with me to the show, and if time allows, will take photos of some of the new and exciting products being introduced so I may share them here in the coming weeks. I'm sure the manufacturers have an amazing array of new products for artists of every type! Stay tuned for some sneak peaks!

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