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Monday, April 1, 2013

Designer Craft Connection Blog Hop - Flowers

It's April and time for the Designer Craft Blog Connection blog hop.  This month our theme was “flowers” - with the added challenge of creating our flowers from something we had around the house.  There are almost endless options if you really think about it - flowers made with newspaper, coffee filters, cupcake liners, paper towels, napkins, plastic grocery bags, paper bags, gift wrap, window screens, cardboard, chipboard from food boxes, even fabric from old clothes.   Be sure to hop through the links to see what the other participating designers are sharing by clicking on the on the DCC icon in the right column.   

This past week, I had a request to make some of those popular “high heel cupcakes” popping up these days.   Always eager to try something new in creative baking, I was happy to give it a whirl.   I changed my ideas for the decoration in my mind many times, eventually deciding I wanted flowers of some sort.  However, time was limited and I didn’t have enough time to make fondant flowers, and my hand decorating skills are lacking.   I scoured our pantry trying to spark an idea on what I could use to create colorful flowers, quickly, without heading off to the grocery store.  My answer?  Gummy worms.  Yes - gummy worms.   I discovered this little bag of sour worms matched the colors of the heels for the cupcakes (made with Airheads candy).  I cut 5 ends about 1/2” in each color, arranged them in a flower shape, and tinted some white chocolate chips purple to make centers.   Voila - sugary, colorful flowers without having to head to the grocery store or roll fondant.  

Why not look around your house to see what unexpected items you can use to create unique flowers for your creative projects?  - Cindi 

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Marilyn Gossett Designs said...

Love these adorable cupcakes! I would have to get a big bag of gummy worms. They are a guilty pleasure! Lol!