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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cool2Cast by Tiffany Windsor eBook Review

This ebook published by Bella Crafts Publishing, LLC, is 104 pages of useful information and colorful inspiration for projects using Cool2Cast™.   Author Tiffany Windsor begins with basic information on how to use the product, then delves into some fun options for casting unique embellishments with a variety of other mediums.  Different coloring options are also explored.   All instructions are written in a clear, easy to follow format and include color step-out photos to guide the reader through recreating the techniques highlighted.  Links to how-to videos featured on YouTube are included for those who would like to see the product in action. Lots of colorful photos featuring project examples are shown in the book, some of which include clickable links to project instructions from the designers who created the pieces.  This Cool2Cast ebook definitely opened my eyes to the creative possibilities of Cool2Cast™ and grabbed the attention of my creative muse and I am anxious to try using the product to create something unique in my future projects.

Download your copy of Cool2Cast™ here.


Tiffany Windsor said...

Delighted to have you join in the blog hop book review Cindi! Thanks so very much for sharing this cool new eBook!

Ann Butler said...

Thank you so much for being part of the Blog Hop and the great review on the eBook!

IamUniquelyImperfect said...

This Cool2Cast is definitely, cool stuff! lol I'm really enjoying the blog hop too! Love ya' Patricia B

Karen Petitt said...

I am popping over for the blog hop. Love the look of the book and hope to get a book and this gorgeous product soon Karen