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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer CHA - WOW!

I'm back from another whirlwind trip to Chicago for Summer CHA. As always, it was an incredible experience - inspiring products, new friends, great food, and one of the most breathtaking gardens I've ever seen right outside the Rosemont Convention Center! I've got so much to share that there will be several postings highlighting CHA! My filming on behalf of Preserve It Frames with Ana & Megan Araujo for When Creativity Knocks went well - I'll have photos to share soon and will let you know when the episode is live! I also met Mark Montano! He was hosting craft challenges twice daily throughout CHA, and one of my projects featuring Preserve It Frames was highlighted in the showcase of prizes! His "Big-Ass Book of Crafts" is amazing - and yes, it is one BIG ASS BOOK! ;0) The Designer Display rooms were all fantastic - it amazes me how so many different designers can somehow bring the same vision together so well!

Expo International! Expo always amazes me with their fabulous assortments of trims and embellishments. Bright colors, vintage colors, they have it. One of my new favorites is their absolutely adorable button fringe trim!

Powertex! I think I'm in creative LOVE. This new products is amazing - it can be applied to any surface to add texture, color, shimmer and more - and creates a waterproof surface! I'll be talking lots more about Powertex in the coming months, and sharing product ideas. What makes it even better for me is that it works fabulously with Makin's Clay which everyone knows I'm totally addicted to!

May Arts! I saw lots of fabulous booths with beautiful and creative ribbons, but I have to say May Arts continues to take the lead in my opinion - They have an absolutely amazing assortment of ribbons and are always coming up with something new. A fun "spiderweb" type ribbon caught my eye, and I just loved these suede leaves, and the straight suede ribbon now comes with suede on both sides! It's fabulous!

Scor-Pal is an amazing tool for cardmakers and paper artists! This tool makes it super simple to score perfect lines every time - great for gate folds or other fun folds. It has a measuring template on the self-healing mat, and the mat flips for a non-stick surface. Very clever and useful product!
I've got lots more to share..... later today or tomorrow I'll be back with more photos and more info about Summer CHA!

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